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Empty Nest Downsizing

23 Oct

Easy Steps to Empty Nest Downsizing

The empty nest is hard enough to get used to without having to downsize. However, reducing to a smaller nest is often just what you need. Moving into a new space and decorating it for yourself and not an entire family is immensely satisfying. The empty nest can be your new oasis if you do it right.

 So, if you are deciding whether to downsize to your new empty nest, follow this guide to spur on a new and freeing life.

Downsizing Advantages

No matter your reason, downsizing is a complicated process. In the sections below, you will find a guide to help you in your decision-making process. A few of the advantages to downsizing your empty nest are as follows:

  1. A smaller house usually means a smaller mortgage, saving you money monthly.
  2. Lower Utility bills make everyone happy.
  3. Time savings are abundant with a smaller home. There is less to fix, operate, and clean.
  4. Downsizing may offer you the chance to redecorate or only keep your favorite items.

Items to Toss

In most cases, space will dictate what you will and will not be able to bring. Going from a four-bedroom to a two-bedroom, you obviously will only bring two beds. But not every decision is that straight forward.

So let's get into the things you may want to part with. Start by asking yourself with each item, "Have I used this in the past 6 months?" If the answer is no, place it in a donate or toss pile and sleep on the thought.

  • Size Matters: If the new home is a great deal smaller, you will want to consider the size of the pieces of furniture you will keep. Ask yourself if it will fit the space and try to obtain a floor plan for each room's dimensions.
  •  Can You Sell It? This question can go in several directions. If it can be sold, that is great. Sell it! But if you don't have time to sell it, you may want to consider a donate pile. Charities are always in need of good pieces and not just our old junk.
  •  Storage Space: Ask yourself if you have the storage space to keep the items you are questioning. You may have a big closet of gift-wrapping supplies at your current home, but not your new home. In that case, it may be best to buy each time you wrap a gift.

Items to Keep For the New Empty Nest

If you are a minimalist, you may need to be reminded of what is essential to keep. Here are a few suggestions to start your keep pile.

  •  Electronics can go with you wherever you go. Be sure to know the wall sizes you are dealing with, so you know which TVs to take for each room. Then, donate the rest when you see what you want in the new home.
  •  Photographs and Frames Photographs can be digitized, but you may want some on your walls. Keep these and keep all frames; they are expensive. Then, once in the new home, you can determine which you will use and donate the rest.
  •  Family Heirlooms are no brainers unless another family member would like to inherit them.
  •  Essential Documents are a must, but you can toss those you have scanned.
  •  An Emergency Supply Box, including medications, is a good idea. People often get a cut when moving. Be able to treat it right away.
  •  Basic Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies Keeping the basics, you will have the room you need to shelve and display them the way you want.

The Perfect Empty Nest

The perfect empty nest is all in your personal feelings toward the move. As difficult as it is, the process can be quite freeing. Open your mind and get ready for the new chapter in your life! Once you've successfully downsized, check out our Unique Storage Solutions blog for ideas on how to store what's left.