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Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

01 Mar

Photo: Courtesy of bialasiewicz

Whether you are getting ready to sell your condo or home or want to declutter for your sanity and happiness, you need to get creative to find a place for everything when you have a small space.

Clever Storage Ideas

  1. Pantry
  • Free up space inside your pantry by installing over-the-door shelves ( Shelves hung on the pantry door are perfect for holding smaller items that might otherwise get lost on crowded shelves (
  • Place canned goods on risers to make it easier to see what you have, grab what you need, and assess what is in stock when it is time to go shopping (
  1. Gift Wrap
  • Purchase a drawer caddy to hold all of your gift-wrapping materials. Look for one that has a vertical bin on the side that can accommodate wrapping paper rolls.
  1. Garage
  • To save space, install hooks in your garage to hang bikes, sports equipment, etc.
  • Hang tools on a pegboard.
  • Incorporate shelves to hold boxes and bins.
  • Store Christmas lights on a spool with a handle to prevent a tangled, giant heap and make spooling and unspooling hassle-free.
  1. Entryway
  • Tidy up a cluttered entryway with designated bins and baskets for each family member. Alternatively, you could organize each basket by item type. Add hooks to the wall for jackets, handbags, umbrellas, and backpacks.
  1. Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
  • File your baking sheets and cupcake tins in vertical organizers in a cabinet rather than storing them in a big heap at the bottom of a drawer.
  • Use peg organizers in the bottom of drawers or inside cabinets to effectively arrange food storage containers, pots and pans, and lids.
  • Increase your cabinet space by adding a second level with a removable shelf. Inexpensive wire shelves work great and double your stacking capabilities.
  • Reclaim precious cabinet real estate by building a floating shelf for your cocktail bottles and glasses.
  1. Guest Bedroom
  • Add a storage bench to stow extra blankets, bed linens, and pillows. Look for one with a small footprint but ample storage room.
  1. Closets
  • Without the luxury of walk-in closets, overcrowding is inevitable. Thin out your wardrobe by removing off-season items and storing them in out-the-way places such as under the bed or on top of a shelf or an armoire.
  • Sturdy canvas bags are an attractive choice for placing off-season clothes and shoes. Plastic bins or bags in which the air can be sucked out, shrunk down, and vacuum sealed are suitable for out of sight storage.
  • Add a few sets of cascading hangers and arrange clothes by type, such as T-shirts on one, blouses on another. Doing this will double your closet space (
  1. Toys
  • Minimize toy clutter by storing a large percentage of your kids' toys in clear storage bins stacked neatly in the garage. Periodically rotate the toys from your house to storage and vice versa to keep the toys that are readily accessible fresh and exciting.
  • Attach a mesh bag with suction cups to the side of your bathtub wall to store bath toys.
  • Remove toys from their original bulky boxes and place them in slimmer, smaller clear plastic containers.
  1. Kitchen Counter
  • If your kitchen counter (or sink) lacks the space for a drying rack, build one above your sink. Anchor it to the flanking upper cabinets, and the water from the wet dishes will drip directly into the sink.
  • Hang cooking utensils from a pegboard instead of storing them in a large jar on the counter.
  • Invest in a charging station or organizer with slots to hold all of your family's portable electronic devices such as phones, tablets, etc. A file station keeps everyone's devices accessible and easily locatable while preventing them from being strewn all over the counter.
  • Use a magazine rack or cutting board stand to store your cutting boards upright and prevent them from falling over and taking up extra surface area.

With some strategic thinking, you can better utilize and organize your small space, which will declutter your condo or home and make your living space feel and look bigger.

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